OneSource Technology and Certified Supplier Network

We can source, negotiate and procure any material or product you need to make your brand shine.  And our OneSource Technology helps make it happen.

OneSource Technology

The OneSource brand supply chain management solution enables clients with an unbiased and transparent managed services model, requesting bids from multiple suppliers based on the project’s requirements.  This allows our clients to receive the best products, produced on the right equipment while maintaining your timeline, quality and budget goals.

Coupled with Managed Services

Our Account Management Team easily matches the right suppliers with your brand needs, comparing multiple bids for competitive pricing, quality, timeliness and effectiveness. Objective sourcing means objective recommendations, so you receive the best combination of product and price. Our team personally manages quality, manufacturing, cost and delivery – so you don’t have to.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us help you reduce direct and indirect costs. Our brand supply chain solution often delivers savings of 15 – 30% in the first year, with additional year-over-year savings. We work to continuously improve pricing through:

• Lower direct product acquisition prices (we leverage purchasing scale and improve product design)
• Reduced shipping costs with consolidated shipments, optimal modes/services and improved packaging
• Reduced inventory, damaged goods and obsolescence
• Increased efficiency and labor cost with streamlined and automated workflows
• Faster turnaround and greater responsiveness
• More brand consistency and cost control through improved user compliance and accountability
• Improved accuracy and quality
• Increased accounting efficiency and back office “order to cash” processes, so costs can be assigned to multiple locations.


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