MarketNow Brand Manager

Our Brand Manager is home base for your national marketing team.


Digital Asset Management

No need to worry about where the latest version of a file is or where to store it, our technology does that for you. We are equipped to store any file format – from large working files like Photoshop and InDesign to animated GIFs and high-resolution press ready TIFFs. With its centralized repository, Brand Manager’s Digital Asset Management features allow us to easily locate and share the most updated files, only serving up the assets you need.


Project and Task Management

Brand Manager’s Project and Task Management feature allows for increased version control with progress tracking, dynamic task types, automatic email updates and department-based queues that can integrate with your existing task manager for optimal results.


Location Profile Management

Intuitive Location Profile Management optimizes brand delivery. We collect, analyze and house location-specific information – such as local regulations, store types, attributes and variable characteristics – coupled with marketing elements and program types to create unique location profiles. These location profiles drive efficiencies across local markets, reducing waste and improving end user satisfaction.


Menu Management

With DataSource Menu Management menu software, you receive the Technology and Expertise to automate and enable a quality process — from data gathering to print and delivery — to save time and allow the reallocation of people and budget resources from creating menu versions to focus on other important business drivers.  It allows your team to transition from Excel, Email and expensive creative hours to a cloud-based, fully distributed process — which drives savings, efficiency and faster turn times for menu updates. We call it Menu Manager.  You will call it your best friend.


See how it works.  Watch the video, then, schedule time to talk.  We’d love to hear from you!

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