Digital Integration

Expand your brand’s reach across the digital landscape. We ensure your digitally integrated brand stays on target with traditional pieces, enabling a cohesive experience – online and off – for your customers.


Email allows you to automate your communication and tailor it to speak to your audience. We take a holistic approach to email marketing, including strategy, template creation, content development, tracking and response planning. Our Brand Store allows local markets to locate the email template they need, customize and send.

Social Media

Social media is one of easiest ways to reach your target and DataSource will work with you to promote your brand across multiple platforms. Whether you are new to social media or already engaging a social audience, we can help enhance your in-store promotions and other marketing campaigns while maintaining your brand voice.

Web Banners

Reach a targeted audience with easily customizable web banners. Our Brand Store makes localization easy by allowing individuals to modify existing templates that can be used in web advertisements again and again.

Landing Pages & pURLs

Does your marketing strategy call for a unique and dedicated web presence? From landing pages for short-term promotions to pURLs that raise your response rates, DataSource helps you engage users, create high visibility and improve search.

Local Search Optimization

With the help of our best-in-class local search specialists, your local customers will always be able to find you online. We help keep your business listings consistently updated and accurate across every search engine while ensuring optimal placement every time.

Internet & Search Marketing

We put in the work before crafting a strategic search engine marketing plan (SEM). We thoroughly investigate your brand’s website – as well as your competition’s – before making strategic recommendations that resonate with your target audience. Leverage our SEM services – including Pay per Click advertising, SEO results and search-friendly web design – to move your brand to the top.

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