Inventory, Warehousing & Distribution

Need to store and manage your entire inventory? What about a partner to help you handle the logistics of distributing it all? Allow our experienced team to handle the logistics for you. Our inventory, warehousing and distribution services work hand-in-hand to deliver the solution you need to power your brand.

We make tracking your products easy with reporting tools that manage inventory levels and activity, limiting back orders and other inefficiencies. In addition to our technology, we perform periodic cycle counts and yearly complete inventory counts that drive productivity.

We have plenty of room to house your items: With 134,000 square feet of warehouse space, we have designated storage areas for daily fulfillment orders and overstock products. To prevent lost inventory, we assign each product a designated bin, so we always know where to find it.

We’re experts in getting things where they need to be, when they need to be there. In fact, our on-time shipment rate is an impressive 99 percent. With centrally located distribution centers, we can ship anywhere – easily and quickly. Further, we continually seek to minimize costs for you with consolidated shipments that shorten lead times.


Let’s talk about a warehouse, inventory and distribution solution for your brand!

The Facts

134,000 square feet of warehouse space housing over 75,000 individual products.

We perform under a lean model; with a focus on speed and accuracy. We’re able to process over 30,000 shipments a month at a 99.85% accuracy rate.

The inventory team conducts daily cycle counts for all clients based on the ABC method.

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