Streamlined Creative, Better Buying, Easy Ordering and On-Time, Efficient Distribution of Localized Multi-Channel Marketing Materials

Creating and delivering custom content to each local market is only one of the boxes you have to check every day. You also want that delivery system to be streamlined, efficient, transparent and within budget. Why not make it easy on yourself?

Our B2Local approach helps supply chain and marketing teams at multi-location brands lower production and labor costs, while making sure service and technology is in place to execute with quality, on time delivery and brand control.

From the creation of the idea, to leveraged buying to drive out costs, and on time delivery of the marketing materials, be it digital or physical, it’s about improving the execution of localized, targeted messages that build loyalty and drive sales in local markets.

What Does that Mean for You?

Supply Chain Success

  • • Direct Cost Savings
  • • Reduce Obsolescence
  • • Eliminate Waste
  • • Lower Labor Costs
  • • Improved Total Cost of Ownership

National Marketing Effectiveness

  • • Improved Brand Compliance
  • • Speed to Market
  • • One System of Record
  • • Reallocate Resources
  • • Complimentary to Agency of Record
  • • Easier, Integrated Services
  • • Channel Expertise
  • • Improved ROMI

Satisfied Local Markets

  • • Leveraged Buying, Lower Costs
  • • Easy to Use Technology
  • • Empowered Local Marketing
  • • Speed to Creation and Distribution
  • • Brand Compliance Made Easy
  • • Higher ROMI for Local Spend
  • • One System of Record
  • • Reallocate Resources
  • • Improved Reporting
  • • Compliments Agency Resources
  • • Streamlined Solution
  • • Channel Expertise

How the B2Local® Approach Can Help Your Team

White Papers

Learn the strategies and best practices that keep our industry moving forward.

Marketing as a Service Whitepaper

Marketing as a Service; A Scalable Solution for Distributed Marketers

Need help focusing your team on the strategic initiatives that drive business? Let MaaS resources manage complex marketing execution and channel expertise and free your time and resources. Download and learn: What is MaaS? How can it benefit Your Brand? How do I champion MaaS for my organization?

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Defining Omni-Channel and Its Importance for Distributed Marketers

Defining Omni-Channel and Its Importance for Distributed Marketers

It is essential to understand omni-channel marketing before implementing on behalf of your business or organization. This whitepaper serves as the foundation for identifying, planning, and executing an omni-channel campaign, a strategy that DataSource can support with...

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Creative Services Whitepaper

Challenges for Creative Teams in Distributed Marketing Organizations

If your creative team wants to rid of the tasks that keep them, well, “non-creative,” download “How to Keep Creative Focused on Creative” now and explore the challenges of, and solutions for, effectively blending creative marketing efforts for organizations with distributed marketing needs.

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Marketing Resource Management White Paper

Defining Best-in-Class Marketing Resource Management

Whether your brand has implemented marketing resource management (MRM) and you are considering a change, or you are just starting to feel the growing pains that push you toward considering MRM for the first time, this guide will help. Download “Defining Best-in-Class Marketing Resource...

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Manages Service Provider

6 Services To Look For In Your Managed Service Provider

Promoting a company’s brand through marketing and print is important to maximize profits. Whether it’s Marketing, Supply Chain, Training, or Human Resources; each department has its own roles, goals and responsibilities. Download the DataSource guide on MSPs and how they use integrated...

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MAM Whitepaper

5 Ways Marketing Asset Management Solutions Drive Efficiency

No matter the name — Marketing Asset Management or Distributed Marketing Platform — marketers at big brands with multiple local markets or agents are in need of solutions that make their time more efficient and campaigns more cost effective. One-size-fits-all software served as the initial...

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distributed marketing management

9 Emerging Trends for Distributed Market Management

Marketing technology is constantly evolving. Distributed marketing managers must have their eyes on emerging trends because successful distributed marketing depends on a company's ability to effectively utilize and integrate these evolving technologies. Once harnessed, marketing technologies can...

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ROMI Whitepaper

7 Ways DMM Platforms Improve Return on Marketing Investment

Making the most of resources through the use of a distributed marketing management platform that encompasses both services and technology, helps maximize your Return on Marketing Investment. Download the DataSource guide on how DMM platforms maximize campaign performance and see how you can save.

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