Vince Lee

As Director of Operations, I oversee all warehouse functions, including receiving, kitting, push campaigns, picking, packing, and shipping. I started my career at DataSource as temporary labor almost 20 years ago, giving me a unique understanding of our history and processes.
I work hand-in-hand with our Account Management teams to ensure products are received and distributed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Prior to Data Source, I spent 15 years as the Operations Manager for General Electric in the lighting division.

I am also known as ‘Chef Vince’ at DataSource because I love to BBQ and fry homemade taquitos and hand-cut fries for the team at company events. When I am away from the warehouse, I love spending time with my family. I enjoy sports, vacationing with family and friends and riding my Harley Davidson Road Glide to beautiful US destinations and national parks. I have a beautiful wife of 34 years and fabulous children; 2 boys and a daughter-in-law.

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